A sermon is a living event involving a complex interaction between God, Preacher, and Listener. While nothing can replace being present for a sermon, these recordings will give you an idea of my heart, my passions, and my own unique personality and gifts. I hope something of the Spirit speaks to you through them.                                                                                              – Greg


Meet Me in the Cloud.MP3Rev. Gregory Powell
00:00 / 21:34
Are You Special?Rev. Gregory Powell
00:00 / 21:00
New BirthRev. Gregory Powell
00:00 / 21:19
You Can't Be My DiscipleRev. Gregory Powell
00:00 / 17:24
How Many Good YearsRev. Gregory Powell
00:00 / 18:41
Cross OverRev. Gregory Powell
00:00 / 15:37

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