Grace. Gratitude. Generosity.


GRACE (unmerited love of God) begets GRATITUDE (deep thanks for all the blessings we are given) begets GENEROSITY (giving to benefit others for all the Love and Blessings we have received).

If we can strive to live this way each and every day we can begin to see the interconnectedness of all peoples, God and nature… and see how much we depend on each other.  This way of life can lead to joy and a closer community.

Giving Methods

  • Bill pay function from a bank, offered free of charge by most financial institutions.  Parishioners can contact their institution to set up a recurring payment at a schedule of your choosing in the form of a physical check.  These payments can be mailed to the office address; 314 North Street Easton, MD 21601. 

  • Venmo (instructions here)