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English Language Program Coordinator

To apply or ask questions:

Submit your resume and cover letter to: 


The Easton English School at Trinity Cathedral (EEST) is seeking a part-time coordinator for its English language (EL) program offering weekly classes and individual conversational sessions in Easton. The Easton English School is a free community service run by volunteers.  


Job description:

The Program Coordinator, a paid position, will manage enrollment for the English School and coordinate the team of volunteer teachers, aides and mentors to ensure effective delivery of instructional services. The job is part-time and involves working up to 18 hours a week. The Coordinator reports to the Dean of Trinity Cathedral and serves as a member of the EEST executive board. The Coordinator's primary duties are to manage student enrollment, provide resource support, and communicate regularly with students, instructors and volunteers to keep everyone on track to meet program goals.


Primary job responsibilities:

  • Manage enrollment by tracking and recording attendance to make sure the school has sufficient resources to support the number of students attending. Serve as point-of-contact to orient new learners and assess their language proficiency. Obtain and evaluate feedback from students; communicate electronically with them to keep them informed of class schedules, special events and anything else they need to know.

  • Supervise logistics for weekly language classes, including providing resource support for instructors. Recruit volunteers as needed for support roles such as teachers’ aides and attendance takers.

  • Communicate regularly with instructors and other volunteers to identify their resource needs and keep everyone informed of what they need to know to accomplish their tasks.

  • Work hours will be 5:30pm to 9pm every Wednesday and additional week day hours as needed to fulfill duties.


Additional job duties:

  • Manage the EEST "Conversation Buddy" program involving one-on-one language sessions with volunteers. This includes recruiting conversation partners, pairing them with students, introducing the buddies to each other, and informally monitoring their progress.

  • Attend EEST executive board meetings.

  • Monitor program effectiveness and work with the EEST team to help develop and implement goals, processes and standards to enhance quality of service.

  • Prepare progress reports on program operations and submit them to the Dean and EEST executive board twice a year.


Job qualifications:

  • At least 4 years of relevant work experience, either instructional or administrative or both. This could include teaching English or Spanish, for example, or supervising an educational program, or coordinating a community service program, or performing other administrative duties.

  • Bilingual. The Coordinator should be proficient in Spanish, the primary language spoken by a majority of learners at EEST, as well as English

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills; ability to collaborate with others as well as to motivate and provide direction; good attention to detail; and ability to take initiative and work independently.

  • Sensitivity and respect for diversity in all its forms; ability to maintain a positive, courteous and encouraging attitude toward others at all times.


To apply:

Submit your resume and cover letter to: 

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