"And now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; and the greatest of these is love."

I Corinthians




A sermon is a living event involving a complex interaction between God, Preacher, and Listener. While nothing can replace being present for a sermon, these recordings will give you an idea of my heart, my passions, and my own unique personality and gifts. I hope something of the Spirit speaks to you through them.

Come unto me...why run

The Binding of Isaac

Trinity Sunday2014

Palm Sunday2014

Lent V

Lent 3

Certified in the Spirit


Lavish Love

Rolling Away Shame

The Possibility of the Impossible

Moses Up the Mountain

Eros and Agape

Women's Ministry Sermon

1st sundayafterchristmas

Christmas Eve 2012

Advent IV

Messengers of Love

The Greatest Commandment

Finding Only To Lose

Asking God For A Favor

Tradition and Treason

Love in search of Humanity

Religion & Magic

Packing Lightly for Life

Not That One

What is a Spiritual Journey

The Day of Pentecost

In but not of the world

Easter 2

Easter Sunday

The Power of Love

Conversations in the Light

Lent 1

Ash Wednesday

Crossing Mighty Water

Blessed Imperfection


Samuel, Samuel





Miriam's Song

Saying Yes to the Messenger

Jesus' Source of Authority

9-11 AnniversarySermon

Foxes For Good

Joseph the Special One

The Mustard Seed

Who Has Ears To Hear

Parable of the Sower

July 3,2011

Trinity Sunday

5th Sunday of Eastertide

4th Sunday of Eastertide

Easter Day

Palm Sunday

Lent 4


Jesus The New Moses

Epiphany VIII-I Will Never Forget You

Epiphany 6-Moses the Lawgiver

Epiphany V-The Law Keepers

Epiphany IV-Zebedee and Salome

Epiphany II Driving to Boston 2

November 14, 2010


Gregory L. Powell
Dean, Trinity Cathedral