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February 14, 2013

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November 28, 2012,

November Chapter News:

  1. Gladly confirmed sending Emily Crandall to the January 27th ECW Celebration of Women. Emily will represent all the women at Trinity as she gathers with other women from throughout the diocese who serve the world in Christ's name.
  2. Unanimously approved Terry Eason's drawings submitted by the Liturgical Design Team. In the coming year this drawing will serve as our blueprint for reshaping our worship space. See drawing here
  3. Learned that St. Paul's, Centreville, will be donating the first of what we hope will be a chair from every congregation in the diocese. These chairs will replace the existing pews in the transept-to-transept area (see drawing above). Each chair will have a plaque with the name of the parish along with a picture, incorporation date, and anything else deemed appropriate by the donating congregation.
  4. Gratefully received a $20,000.00 bequest from the estate of Mr. Franklin Hawkins.
  5. Formed the Nominating Committee who will bring to the Chapter names of persons willing the serve three-year terms on Chapter and willing to serve as Delegates to our Diocesan convention. The By-Laws state the Nominating Committee shall consist of outgoing Chapter members (Peggy Begor, Charlie Bohn, Cindy Jurrius), the Dean, and two members of the parish outside the Chapter (Bob & Joyce LaForce).



November 15, 2012,

Our October "4th Sunday Outreach" project involved sending care packages to our College & Boarding School students. Here are two "Thank You" notes I received from grateful students.

  • Dear Trinity Cathedral,
    Thank you very much for the care package! Everything looks absolutely delicious. I just tried what looks like a homemade granola bar/brownie and it is amazing! What a way to brighten my morning when it's so grey and gloomy outside. As always, thank you for thinking of me.
  • Charissa Powell

  • Hey Dad,

    Just wanted to say, "thank you" to everyone at Trinity for all the kind words and delicious snacks they sent in the care package. It brightened my day.

    Much love,
       Michael Powell



November 7, 2012,

Chapter meetings take place each third Monday of the month at 7:00 PM in the Bray House Conference Room and are open to all members of Trinity. The Liturgical Design team, led by Junior Warden, Cathy Cooper, will present final drawings of proposed changes to our liturgical space at the November Chapter meeting. This presentation is the result of some 6 months of work with designer Terry Eason in consultation with team members; Jan Bohn, Eugenie Drayton, Cindy Orban, Myron Richardson, Skip Wrightson, Sandy Wrightson and the Dean.

At the January 2013 Chapter meeting the Vision Team will present its final work related to proposals designed to foster the spiritual formation and journey of each member. I look forward to sharing results of Chapter deliberations with the Trinity community after decisions have been reached.


October 18, 2012

Thanks to everyone for their support of our annual outdoor service of Blessing of the Animals. Enjoy the photographs courtesy of Mrs. Kathleen McCulloch.

September 26, 2012

This Sunday, September 30th, Trinity will have its annual Blessing of the Animals on the Cathedral lawn at 10:15 AM. Here is what you can expect.

  • Videographer: We will welcome Mr. Joel Shilliday of Diving Dog Productions who will record parts of the service and create a video for our website.
  • Donations: We invite you to consider bringing dog or cat food, towels, or blankets that will be donated to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
  • Humane Society: We anticipate welcoming a representative from the Humane Society who will share with us current events and ways we can help support their ministry.
  • Pictures: We will have one or two photographers who will snap "portraits" of you with you animals. We will then send the pictures to you via email.
  • Participatory Worship: As you enter the worship space (outside) you will be greeted by a table with various paper animals on which we invite you to write the name of a living pet. Crosses will also be available on which we ask you to write the name of deceased pets. The paper animals and crosses can then be pasted to the frontal on the Altar (made by Kathleen McCulloch).


August 20, 2012,

I am happy to report that on August 8th the Liturgical Renovation Team met with designer Terry Eason to see his first drawings depicting possible liturgical changes. The team has since met several times to discuss the drawings prior to sharing them with the parish in various settings. A special "Thank You" to Cathy and her team who are diligently and faithfully working on our behalf.


July 18, 2012

I'm happy to announce the formation of two new committees charged by the Chapter to work on behalf of Trinity.

  1. Stewardship: Dour Jurrius will chair our Stewardship Team consisting of Susan Bohaker, Scott Smith, Karen Parker, assisted by our Treasurer, Bill Schauer.
  2. Liturgical Renovation: Our Junior Warden, Cathy Cooper, is chairing this team consisting of Eugenie Drayton, Cindy Orban, Myron Richardson, Jan Bohn, Skip Wrightson, Sandy Wrightson, and the Dean.


May 27, 2012,

Last week the Chapter voted to contract with Mr. Terry Eason to redesign the liturgical space of our Cathedral. Our current task is to appoint a liturgical team who will serve as liaisons of the parish working closely with Mr. Eason to ensure the outcome is one that glorifies God and serves the people of Trinity. As always, I pledge to keep the Trinity community informed throughout the process. The Dean.


April 9, 2012

A special "Thank You" to everyone at Trinity who participated in Holy Week preparation and worship. I'm especially grateful to the Altar Guild for arranging and rearranging the Cathedral in various worship set-ups. I'm grateful to the Garden Guild for having the grounds so beautiful for parishioners and guests. I'm grateful to all our worship personnel who so marvelously performed their liturgical duties. I am also grateful to Susan Moore and Howard Snyder, our laypreachers on Good Friday, for indeed answering the question, "What is good about Good Friday?"

The Dean


March 19, 2012

Yesterday Trinity Cathedral bid farewell to The Rev. Abigail Crozier Nestlehutt who embarks on a new work at All Faith Chapel, Tunis Mills, on April 1st. Expressions of gratitude were given Abigail who in a short period of time made an imprint on our hearts.

This coming Sunday, March 25th, Trinity Cathedral welcomes The Rt. Rev. James J. Shand for his annual visit. Because it is the 4th Sunday of the month--our Outreach Sunday--we will also be welcoming Ms. Julie Lowe of the Talbot Interfaith Shelter to speak with us at the 10:15AM service.


February 6, 2012

At yesterday's Annual Parish meeting the congregation approved Jay Frost, Cheryl Krebeck, and Bill Schauer to serve three year terms to the Trinity Chapter (governing board). The congregation also approved Eric Chandler, Scott Smith, and Rick Wagenblatt to serve as 2012 Alternates to Convention and 2013 Delegates to Convention.

After the meeting the Chapter approved the following 4 canonically required roles and 6 Liaison roles. Remember the 2011 Canon change has done away with the terms "Bishop's Warden" and "People's Warden."

Senior Warden: Charlie Bohn
Junior Warden: Cathy Cooper
Treasurer: Bill Schauer
Registrar: Peggy Begor


Liaison Assignments:

Buildings & Grounds: Jay Frost
Stewardship: Bill Schauer
Pastoral Care: Susan Moore
Outreach: Cheryl Krebeck
Communication: Cindy Jurrius
Socials & Celebrations: Ellen Smith
Renovation Stage 3: Cathy Cooper


January 28, 2012

On January 11th (see below) I posted pictures of the Chancel under construction. I'm happy to now share a picture of the completed work. I believe the work has met or exceeded the expectations of a majority of persons at Trinity. Many have commented on how the space feels "brighter and more open." Take note the High Altar has been brought forward to the very edge of the step separating the Apse and Chancel. This will be our set-up for worship until late spring or early summer. Shalom, Gregory


January 12, 2012

I am happy to share with you the programs and offerings at Trinity Cathedral in Lent beginning with Ash Wednesday services on February 22nd. For the full offerings follow the link Lenten Brochure 2012


January 11, 2012,

This past Monday the Chapter began acting on its December 19th decision to remove the modesty panels running between the Lectern and Pulpit. The panels were erected in the 1960's. This Sunday, January 15th, you will see the panels removed and wrought iron handrails placed in such a way that will assist persons when traveling up and down the steps while also serving as a barrier preventing people from falling on the angled edges.

This new design will serve us in the coming year as we plan a professionally designed entrance from the Nave to Chancel, drawn by Mr. Terry Eason. The new designs will require several on-site visits with representatives of the congregation. I'll keep you informed of our progress.


January 7, 2012,

Please read this Letter to Parish, written by the Dean with input and approval of the Chapter, about renovations to Trinity Cathedral's interior space.

You can review what's going on at our calendar.