About trinity Cathedral



A Cathedral is a building used for Christian worship by a group with a Bishop. The Roman Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox, Lutheran, and Methodist denominations all have Bishops and so could have a Cathedral.

cathedralThe Latin word “cathedra” refers to a chair. A Cathedral is a building in which there resides a Bishop’s chair. The cathedra, or chair, is a sign of the authority of the office of Bishop. For this reason a Cathedral is also the central church of a diocese. While many of us carry grand images of large European Cathedrals, the fact is that any worship space is made a Cathedral by the presence of a Bishop’s chair. A diocese or geographical area containing many churches, and overseen by one Bishop, typically has only one Cathedral.


The Episcopal Church

Trinity Cathedral resides in the Diocese of Easton within the Episcopal Church. The Episcopal Church gets its name from the Latin term “episcopus” meaning “overseer” or “bishop.” A Book of Common Prayer governs the worship in the Episcopal Church. The first Book of Common Prayer was written in 1549 and was instrumental in holding together a nation being torn asunder by religious fighting. The emphasis on “common” prayer is at the heart of the Episcopal ethos and is best summarized by our attempt at always finding the via media or “middle way.”

The current Book of Common Prayer was updated in 1979. New and alternate worship forms have since been added so that worship remains relevant and rooted in the language of the day. Yet, Episcopalians treasure that the worship in Seattle on a Sunday morning bears “common” marks with the worship in Episcopal churches in Vermont, Texas, or other parts of the United States.


Trinity's Mission

Mary and Baby JesusThe mission of all Christian churches is found at the end of Matthew’s gospel in which Jesus states, “Go into all the world and make disciples, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” Now, each congregation in the Church has its own unique mission that helps them achieve the larger mission mandated by Jesus.

Sadly, many people today associate the mission of the Church with the worst aspects of colonization. It must be admitted that some people have, in the name of Jesus, enslaved people to specific dogma (mind) and behavior (body) as if there was only one way to think and behave. Such narrow thinking and living is not ascribed to by the people of Trinity Cathedral. We believe the life of Jesus' disciples should be characterized by freedom: freedom from worry, anxiety, and fear of rejection so that a person may, with such freedom, offer self in service to God and neighbor.

Trinity's unique mission consists of four points: (1) Provide spirit filled worship that enlightens and inspires action (2) Enhance Christian formation and provide greater opportunities for spiritual growth for all members (3) Refine our ministries and commit our resources based on our mission and purpose and (4) Create stability in community, leadership and finances to build a strong, lifelong, church home.